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Furniture fittings – corner block

Usefulness of Melamine with veneered MDF and renovated large selection of accessories in a collection and for the production of furniture, cupboards and wardrobes that follows.

All the entities described in this article are available separately at DIY stores and by mail order, but the accessories supplied with furniture purchased (units in particular cuisine) is the same. Many of the products is KD (‘ knockdown ‘) is called, since (unlike traditional wooden joints) can be taken, the furniture is part, whenever it is finished.

Stoppers and agglomerate Panel screws

The crew will be normally not good agglomerate Woods and specially developed Panel of particle board screws. Looks more like auto herds Woods screws. Panel of agglomerated screws are screwed in General up to the boss and they often have a double thread, which means that the vine is faster. The screw bite in particle board, as it is to get a good grip. Some large panels of particles that screws with a specific template should be to ensure that the holes are drilled in place. Ivory is to cover his normal agglomerated Panel screws, special plastic plug in white or Brown, it is used because of particles. This must be the head screw pressure or a hole where the screw to be registered.

A stronger connection, you can use a join in the formation of agglomerates. Some of these works on the same principle as a wall mounting (to expand when the bolt is controlled), while the second Board of the particles. Both allow common Woods used herds should be inserted. (Normally 8 mm in diameter) is the hole at the edge of the Board who receives the screw and the screw type a request for acknowledgement of the signature in driven back. Once a dowelling jig or other the square holes.


When more detail header a thin surface damaged used screw surface or recessed screws of glasses.

Locking of joints

These blocks of plastic are used to join two pieces of perpendicular of particle board.

The easiest way to mini pad has to find an element in a paragraph and a life, go to another. This allows a discreet, but not very strong.

A better connection provided by the point in a paragraph that comes in a corner and hit the only two pieces of particle board is screwed. A clean, returned from a Union in angle triangular sternum.

Two pages (or “Settlement”) is more than a mixture of fucking hand block particles group head and two with each piece of wood attached screw slot. This municipality has the advantage that can be removed easily, but if it is a piece of articulation in the Cabinet. Block joints are usually a choice of white or brown.

Articulations of the cam

A camera is more complicated than a single block, but it is completely non-intrusive once mounted. A lamp is on the edge of a Board and has been blocked by a nose by steel in the drive. A large screw is provided at the end additional cards in a hole drilled by a windmill. This plug will fit that you made it possible to turn off the electricity grid and a screw for cam on site. Even if cleaned up, this type of joint is more difficult to create other types and is not always very difficult.


There are two specific connectors, mixing can be used to end panels back-to-back or.

To join the panels used end (two adjacent wavelengths of toilets, for example) a Board connectors at the top. This House had drilled some holes on the surface of two boards (again using a router) and a slot cut two holes. Insert a key and entrances; a drawing strengthens the two plates.

For entry into the panel (linking two adjacent kitchen cabinets, for example), a cupboard for the screw connection. This fits easily into a hole drilled through the walls of two shelves and excitement to meet them.



There are a variety of other types of zipper, create your own furniture.

For kitchen furniture is probably assembled the best type of hinge, shock absorber adjustable hinges that are hidden in two large holes drilled in the rear door and the side of the case. This whole (generally 35 mm) should be established with a drill cutting tools special, which has a flat bottom hole. To control the depth is drilled (which is essential), at the end of the factory is a best

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