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Mortise and Tenon on furniture

We know that the Amish made furniture of high quality and with this come the false impression that it is rather expensive furniture. This is an erroneous vision if you discuss various factors to take into account then track, really not expensive cock. There are reasons, because it can be demonstrated in the long run of economic character

1. The best quality material if you know that buying firewood better quality furniture, as we understand the value and longevity, and this is really not a matter of fact, by paying to take a good cigar more furniture to more general Amish wood without a soul, movement assembly line, which uses affordable of the veil, particulates, etc.. The best quality, harvested wood is used to create this masterpiece of modern furniture.

2. Unique carpentry. Editing is performed by hand, is not only the fact that the quality of commodities. Cock but the fact that the unique design, which gives this highly durable furniture. Plug-ins and plug-ins prevents the use of nails match together, joinery, therefore this furniture is extremely resistant and tear and can be very long. Artisan cock is also largely in the same manner, centuries of mechanization little or even no, so lovingly created furniture with attention to detail are in order. Of these and other reasons required here really sustainable furniture not too much time to be replaced.

3. Never go fashion, what is timeless and never approach differs from an elegant design that starts, look in a few years date and should be replaced. With classic furniture never know this fashion and that it is something of a relic, can be stored for a long time.

4. Built for generations, are probably Amish furniture firm to get in his life and he is strong. The wood is of good quality, shows no wear and tear of years of use, and because literally possible to leave their children in this furniture, also known as furniture of relic Amish furniture.

5. Low maintenance costs for the best raw materials, showing Gloss and strength in furniture. Chop and cracks, harvest and scales this furniture is rare events, so that the remaining costs for maintenance and repairs are very low or absent. It’s still as good as new image during a long period must be less, spend time and effort for the conservation of this type of furniture.

Therefore, if we take into account of all this, discover why expensive obviously good makes economic sense only Amish!

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