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The Antique Dining Tables

Tables of old magazines are one of the most popular of furniture, ancient hunters. There are many reasons for this, from the warm atmosphere, that contains a table with quality to a home. Tables for the other, old are often very reasonable price compared to other types of furniture, a dining room in excellent condition is almost unknown. Finally, there is a table that has probably seen much, many stories, he heard and saw several generations are growing up in a page.


Dining area rooms they are relatively new and houses hundreds of years ago had a table, not only food, but also many practical tasks is used. If you are a table with the old dining room, large enough, it probably came from the wealthy owners proudly in that State, which has brought him home. Why are the tables that have survived the centuries and today.


Although some old wrought iron tables were built, was more fact of wood. The most common type of wood was tables and pines, Oaks and Cedars for more informal mahogany, walnut, and the highest quality, rustic cherry. Older tables, which are today’s taps tables created from wooden tables for a long time frames and in the middle ages. A feature of these tables was that it can easily be assembled and moved elsewhere.


Although restaurants events in current times, with each person in a large table does not enjoy always the case. During the middle ages, all guests were seated together in a large room, and ruler of the estate and they sat at a small table nearby. But it’s worth and his family moved to a room! Here, the tables were built, and was born at term “refectory table.” This has become popular throughout Europe. Tables for this period was often very cut and graceful.


A century later saw that under the covers, turned the tables in a door of the legs, if you are new to the table was designed. Originally, these tables were very large, but it has fallen in time. As the tables after the number moved more elegant and refined, and the size of the previous year.


If you are at the top of the old dining hall on a rectangular tte, you need two or three plates with a beautiful patina, which deserves only age viewing and use. You know it is a reproduction of the plan for edge plates, are signs of holes with total view. In addition, if you see the sticks of wood, it is necessary, from the surface of the table that they will die if he is on the table. You should also verify that you are ben, take the left edges, smooth and rounded.

If the old tables were made and used for the first time, while we cannot imagine that would value in her lead to the current market. Tables that have survived, and today has not been stored, the value of investments, but because they are useful, practical, and represents a level of performance for the family.

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