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Wood furniture

Learn to recognize that the wooden furniture is not difficult. It is necessary for a leading manufacturer of furniture for your mobile phone, new life to mediocre and boring, year thanks to normal families and be refined furniture can have body dirty oil.

Unfortunately many of us wash your commercial and movies will be cancelled the process in a vain attempt. This will only get worse, create new layers of Earth of glom.

Again, the only way to restore the gates to a square and original wood stain. It means stripping old ends and builds from there.

It is a process of intensive work, to be sure. But an act of love can also be in the right.

You must first remove the old spot. This should be two parts hydrogen peroxide, which is available in the color of your store improvements section of the home. Follow the instructions carefully and ensure you a room with good ventilation. Be sure that you use a drop cloth to detect overflow.

The mixture is applied on the furniture. You can use a brush of splices and joints and a sponge to flat surfaces. After removing a stain, follow the instructions on the packaging for the neutralization of chlorine, so ends the process of bleaching. Follow-up with a wash of vinegar, just to be sure.

It takes about two days drying of wood. When it is sand with additional sandpaper – arena. Brushes of dust remains, including structural joints and information. Remove it with a brush.

Now, as the wood back to its original color, it is up to the spots. If Teak and mahogany wood, wood or rarely, you can oil only cereals. If there is a light wood that you, birch, poplar and pine, recommended for coloring. The same is true of the oak, but also only oil can benefit.

There are many types of stains on the oil, water; GRL is not good or bad. Each has its own advantages and challenges. If you have any questions, queries to the employee of the store local paint would be what’s best for your situation.

Before is always a stain applicable in the first test. If possible, try a short piece of the same type of wood that you purchase from multiple points. This is important, because the paint and finished configuring the container won’t necessarily come. It is the shape of the English Channel, the number of levels and thick jackets, etc. are simply too many variables in paragraphs including porosity of wood.

The patch can be applied with a brush or a cloth. In the event of fire would lie down for 10-15 minutes before removing. Don’t forget a brush, you can use the grain in long rows go and treat of do not overlap. This results in dark streaks on the spot. If the due date is not dark enough to you, which dry and apply a second or third hand. Around the world will lead to a darker cap. Don’t forget that you can go backwards. There is no way to delete a level if you feel without depriving him all too dark and start again.

When the furniture is color according to your needs, it’s time to seal it. That you want to add a last layer of painting or sealing shellac record so that wood, other liquids spilled glass of wine. Once again, please contact the workshop painting for personal use. Some hunters play well with some types of stains. Tag, new wood grinding then finished light.

Staining of wood furniture can be very labor intensive, but if you really want on your behalf,  is his favorite furniture, a good way to ensure that the former new look.

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