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Armoire Types

Next to the bed is an important component in furniture and bedroom to decorate the chest of drawers and a wardrobe. Both share not only the purpose of functional items in the enterprise, but also decorative pieces and secondary focus for the bedroom.


Also known as a desk, a chest of drawers, chest and shoulder high. At its height, usually used with a mirror. Speakers usually have five, six or seven drawers and also serve as a clothes cupboard, t-shirts, socks, underwear and writings are active.

Lingerie chest, also known as a chest of drawers, is a special type of chest by some underwear and lingerie. It is usually smaller and sometimes larger than other types of cells.

Confused easily in a small closet, a breast often leads a cabinet with doors and a number of Cargos below. It is usually less than a cupboard and 50 cm or less in height. Many manufacturers of “Closet” and “Gate of chest” are used as interchangeable terms.

An agency for the storage of information is similar to a large rectangular box with a lid. It is used for storing bed linen, duvet and bedding. It can also be used to store clothes of the season. Some manufacturers offer coffins, including as a bed.


The closet “word” is a derivative of the French world as closet storage used armors and weapons. You can use file cabinets, which can hide a TV for storage of clothes and jewelry. Described as a mobile long, are independent, kitchen rack, removable tray and Armoire Valletta. Below are the four main types: Armoire

Wardrobe: designed to keep the clothes. Ideal for dresses, suits and extensive seasonal items such as weapons. Removable bar or clothing, often with Rod wardrobe.

TV wardrobe: allows you to open the doors to television, but behind closed doors TV Hide away that you don’t. Some manufacturers offer a combination of TV/wardrobe, which can be adapted and used for both

With the help of a computer in the bedroom: as with a TV, Cabinet equipment cabinet, but it may be hidden, not during use. A case of the equipment is specifically designed for a monitor, CPU and other devices, such as speakers or a printer.

Jewelry wardrobe: Jewelry can store your jewelry in one place. For the storage of information it offers a range of options for rings, bracelets and chains. Jewelry Armoire is available in several models, including the independent and the wall.


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