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Bedside table

Bedside Cabinet is a usable for all bedrooms, the ideal complement for an alarm clock or provides reading light. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind before you buy.

What is it?

Draw table view. If it’s just somewhere for the book to Read, and awake, the rest without charge, make a small table trick. If you hide away cosmetics, remote controls and paperwork, space for a lamp or a mobile phone, you’ll have a table with drawers and shelves.

Select design template

Select a table to complete the rest of furniture for bedrooms. Go to a room in traditional style with a construction of wood or painted, that period has handled details such as bronze. To give a modern touch to search for tables, with clean lines and simple style.

Tables that correspond to each side of the bed, which is a symmetric representation and advanced and intelligent conversation style boutique hotel.

Select if you want to make a statement, design a bold, as a duplicate or polished table. Want to be your bed to focus attention, tables, but for the Note Bianca blend into the background.

Look at the shape and dimensions

Check the space next to the bed, and ensure that it does not look hampered table select other furniture in the room. If you go to a round table, ensuring that it conveniently next to the bed, tables are often larger than the square.

Other options

Create the number of beds with floor lamp tables, combined with a soft, thin and save costs for the purchase of additional furniture.

Space is limited, must make a small platform or baskets on the wall instead of a table.

A Chair, a pile of boxes with decorative storage or suitcase old is another way to create space next to the bed of a lamp and alarm clock.


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