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Chest of drawers

One of the most popular of the furniture is comfortable, to store all kinds of things.

If you have an old chest of drawers, you’ll see a big difference between this and mobile products today. The drawers are implemented or old mahogany, Teak, walnut, pine or some other good quality wood. Although there is a quality in the forest is at least real wood.

A comfortable, modern particle board and MDF probably roughly performed. MDF board or particles (called by different names in different countries), consists of glued wood all small chips and printed by the machine in flat sheets, usually 12 or 18 mm thick. These chips of wood not used or unusable and medium-sized wood to wood and old wooden furniture recycling factories are derived. These plates can be veneered and in furniture package is used, if the purchaser flat acquires the furniture and the composition of your car. Buy ready-made is also made furniture in a shop, possibility to store delivered flat pack and collected by the employees.

MDF (medium density fiber boards) is new, only the particles are smaller. This worked in more detail in the final product and will produce very heavy parts can be plated or painted.

Over the years made quite good pieces and expensive products from top name producers with these two types of material. But if the buyer is trying to sell them, find them a little residual value, if you can sell at all.

Many believe it can turn an old sideboard in terms of quality. This leads to the traditional timber trade and forest are of good quality is normally by hand. These forests are today very expensive or in some cases is a protected species and the ban on the import.

The amount of work needed is also very expensive and handmade art reflects in its price. All the way from an old or a hand piece is built to hold together, are quite different from the modern unit of plywood with its fortifications in plastics and metals. In a Antiquaries are carefully carved hand joints and glue or fractions together much more often than. Everything is much stronger, more durable and visually more interesting.

Many prefer to buy antiques for his own use at a good level of output at a reasonable price. Furniture of the first half of the 20th century, before the use of chipboard diffuses of good quality and good prices.

I remember that he caused problems with a modern design of agglomerates of boxes. Maintenance boxes maintain and would be directly in the corridors and when finally, it will open in close to the thin soils and then fell in boxes. After that bad experience, I decided that the shelving of good quality to buy.

I myself buy now online or through a local auction house to a piece of high quality furniture at a great price.


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