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Paint your old coffee tables

All have a table in our homes, which are both, but most of his time. It is very often the coffee table, which was loved so well that it is only slightly worn. Instead of triggers, why not learn to paint his old coffee table and make new ones?

Processing area

Prior to that they have never seen his old coffee table, you must prepare in a field that has been created especially for this project. If the paint in the garage or in your home, you can remove a workspace. Even the best painters will be a loss of time.

Remove the old Finish

The previous table had a depth or only previous protective painting that removes all elements in the table to delete until returns wood lining. This gives you a smoother surface paint.

It is possible that this paint or varnish Remover buy at the store, hardware, and then follow the instructions on the packaging.

In some cases, be stubborn old painting or removal of varnish, which is to come. This is where you can put on the role of sand paper for these coatings to a wooden base.

Cleaning of surfaces

After you remove all old paint or color, is the time to check if an untouched area by working with his painting? Dust and wipe their disassembly full tables and grinding for the work to remove all particles remaining. He left behind, is still how can capture an image in paint and lead to an area, taking into account the bubbles or the chip?


Now is the time, waiting to receive from the new color. Begins with a top layer is applied they are and allow to dry. It is important to have only one color and completely dry. Many people are impatient and accumulation of layers of wet paint in the hope that the project will be shut down faster. These results in simple unattractive and probably more send it to the top.

As soon as his basis of coat completely dry, add a second hand. Once again, let it dry before given is not good if the copy of painting. Then add a layer until the desired amount and color of the color of the tables of coffee.

Gypsum Finish Coat

Make a time tables, have a last question, painted in it, that has protection finishing coat to add? They have already tried to learn to paint his old coffee table, which had been beaten by excessive use, possibly not a bad idea for a layer painted clearly, make active the last layer of the table a little add extra defense against his family.


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