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Kenju Dining Chair for a Simple House

Simplicity is the key of people’s need in their home living now. Thus, no wonder that people are now fond of minimalist design for their home. One of the reasons is because the limited space they have for their home. The effect is they cannot put any items without reasons inside their home. They have to be really careful in putting things otherwise it can get narrower and smaller because they put wrong things in the home.

One of home living items that should be noticed and watched is the dining chair and table. We know that usually the dimension of dining table and chair requires lots of space inside the house. But you can solve it by choosing Kenju dining chair and table. Today we will talk about this product briefly. This is the best and perfect product for your dining room, especially when you have no very large space to make. You will definitely consider this product as a must have item.

Kenju dining chair and table has simple design thus this is very proper and right to be used in your minimalist house. It has simple and plain design of the chair. The wood used to make this item is the teak. It has lighter brown color so it keeps the natural touch of the material. But the lighter brown of the teak is smooth because it has been designed such a way to be smoother. The price is also fair if you want to buy the original wood.

Teak wood is famous with its durability and strength but you should not worry because it is not heavy though. You will not have to change your dining chair and table because it can get broken quickly. The other products might experience such thing. But this Kenju product will not face such thing. You can go search the code ID15383 for seeing the look of the product. You will choose it because it can fulfill your requirements in your house.

To clean this product is very easy. You only need wood cleaner to clean up the chair and the table. You will see that there is denim fabric on the center of the center as the seating. This seating covers the smooth foam inside the fabric. It makes your dining time will be more enjoyable. The white wash is chosen as the finishing color of this product. Buying this product, you will get six chairs for one table. Don’t worry you can custom the design or the size of the product.

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