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Teak Walking Closet Minimalist

Gorgeus Walking Closet Minimalist

Walking closet minimalist is needed by anyone who loves to collect a lot of clothes. Yes, having tons of clothes can be pretty annoying when you do not have the space to store them. Having a lot of clothes will mean that you can be as fashionable as possible. However, you still have to keep your clothes collection neat and tidy. You can do that by organizing your clothes into walking closet minimalist. So, you really need to buy one. Get one from Gabe. This trusted store can provide you with Walking Closet Cabinet Louvre design. Below is more information about the product.

About Walking Closet Cabinet Louvre Design

This gorgeous furniture is made of teak wood. Teak is really strong, beautiful, having smooth texture and it is perfect for your furniture. The lovered designed that you can see on the doors of the cabinet is really elegant and it can make your room more pretty. The cabinet can load a lot of clothes since it has three doors and numerous shelves unit inside the cabinet. This is just perfect for your clothes collectors.

The Specifications of the Products

First, it is the dimension. The dimension of this product is as follow. For the width, the width is 160 cm. For the depth, the depth is 64 cm. For the height, the height is 240 cm. Last but not least, as for the volume, the volume is 2.55 m. As for the specifications, this product is completed by three doors, several shelves units inside the cabinet, several rack units inside the cabinet, several bra hangers inside the cabinet. The knobs and handles of this walking clothes minimalist are all made from solid brass. They are completely durable for sure. Using this furniture can really give you a lot of advantages.

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