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gabe-logo(2)To provide comfort and satisfaction to all customers with products related to furniture and decoration products for the homes, villas, hotels, etc, it is very closely associated with the production and the result of the productions it self. It is very important the workship to be very careful in order to delivery precuts that provide comfort to all buyer and users.

Based on these ideas we PT. GABE INTERNATIONAL comes with a motto: ” the right thing in the right place” that is a strong spirit, a complete determination, energy, time, ideas, to provide products that will make a new furniture trend in our country.

Therefore, this company profile PT. GABE INTERNATIONAL comes with the expectation to introduce some part of our capability and experience. If our customers need more information ,
all of our people on PT. GABE INTERNATIONAL well be happy to give the best explanation and service.

All the attention and trust given to us is very appreciate.

Best regards,

Directors and Employes

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