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Why Should Take Chest of Drawers Shabby to Set in Your House

Having storage is kind of the life of a house. Everyone will need storage for many purposes. The ideas, of course will give the best appearance and the way of life. To make real, many manufacturers offer the storage with multi uses. One of them is the amazing Chest of drawers shabby style with its uniqueness. Why should be shabby and why should be the chest of the drawers as storage ideas? Follow this article and get the reasons why you will fall in love with this storage.

One of the storage functions is to store some items, moreover the precious one. But, the dimension and appearance of the Chest of drawers shabby as a storage idea will be different. You can’t ignore that you really need this kind of storage. One of the products that we will offer is the replica Comodo LuisXIV with strip model chest of drawer. This chest looks like as the comfortable pumped style that always has been designed as the classic decoration. The design will remind us about the reign time of the Louis XIV. Yeah, this is French Court, Versailles, of Rococo.

In short, the style is associated to be more exaggerated and luxurious. Why this kind of Comada chest is so interesting and attractive? This chest takes the greatest time and combination of the modernity with classic style of 1950s. If you choose the Chest of drawers shabby as your furniture style, you can make different look of the design. You know, exactly the dimension of this chest will vary, but commonly they are here. The design includes width of 137, 50 for the depth, 77 in height, and 0.52 for the volume.

So, what kind of materials that this furniture has? To achieve the high quality model of Chest of drawers shabby, we choose to get the mahogany as solid wood with the play wood material in some areas. It includes also the antique handle brass that will be another interesting look. For the interior design of this chest, you can find one shelf inside. For the appearance, you may request what kind of colors to apply. In example, the black and white stripes thickly are really unique and cute. They are designed to be iconic furniture at home.

For more result and appearance, you must try to use this kind of furniture for your better appearance. We have more pictures and details that will be ft to you. The use of this chest will influence you to make interesting storage ideas. But in brief, you need to purchase and own this Chest of drawers shabby for your furniture set ideas.

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